Thursday, October 6, 2016

Leaving for Kenya One Month from Today!!

In just one month from today we will be at the airport boarding our flight to Kenya. Crazy. It seems like just last week I was checking the count I have on my phone and it said 101 days!
As we prepare for this trip, our team is very aware of God's faithfulness, but as we get closer He continues to prove Himself to be such a good, good Father. If you have ever been on a trip like this, you know that one of the first lessons you learn is to be flexible. Anything can change, and plans are more of a rough and loose outline of how things are probably going to go. It is definitely a challenge to let go of control and trust that the Lord's plan is so much better than ours!
A few weeks ago, we found out that our sweet transition students will be taking their national exams while we are there which means we will be unable to spend as much time with them as we were originally hoping to. While we are sad that we won't get to do everything exactly the way we planned, we have had the opportunity to watch God work through the changes. He has continued to bless our team with purpose and the privilege to serve and love Huruma in several other ways, and we can't wait to see what else He is going to do!
I am so thankful to be traveling with a team focused on God's heart, and willing to be flexible in the pursuit of what He has for us. This is all about His glory, and we are so grateful that He has called us to be apart of the work He is doing in Kenya. 
I'm excited to keep writing as we get closer to heading to Huruma, and then to be able to share updates from Kenya with you all! Our team is so thankful for all of your support and prayers!
For now, we would be so blessed if you would be willing to pray over these requests:
-For the students at Huruma as they near the end of their school term and study for their exams. 
-For the transition students as they prepare to leave Huruma to start their lives as independent adults. 
-For our team as we continue to prepare for our trip, and continue to seek to be flexible and willing to pursue whatever God has for us. 

-Kyla Howey
(2016 Housing Care Project Blogger!)

Our 2016 Transition Students!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 5: Sewing, running errands in town and Bedtime Giggles

Today myself and Linah (the sewing teacher) began the large project of sewing 12 pairs of curtains for the Huruma Guest House and the aunties' rooms. I'm anxious to share pictures of the finished product as they're made from beautiful Kenyan fabrics! They'll bring a lot of color to the rooms.
I took a quick trip into town with Huruma's Pastor James and Susie (she's been here making a huge impact for a year!). We made a gazillion stops along the way picking up hardware, furniture (table & rocking chair), souvenirs, produce and lunch! We treated Pastor to pizza and dessert. He had apple pie a la mode for the first time and loved it!! 😉 He decided he'd be our driver any day. 😉
Once we returned home it was time for me to teach my class. Today we finished up the burp cloth and started on the bib. Both of these projects are helping them to refine their sewing skills--they're doing a fantastic job!
Tonight we finished the evening with prayers and then I got to tuck 4 sweet things into their bed with a story. Can you get over their cuteness?!?! Precious, Selma, Hope and Jane share this bed and they could not be happier 💗 It was a good day to say the least!!!

Day 4 -School days & Sewing Class!

Day 4:
It's Monday morning in Kenya and the kids are getting ready for a new week of school!! I can't get over the respect they have gained for their teachers and staff. The staff is busy preparing food and laundering the clothes. Also, The older students pictured here are the transition students we worked with this last November. I am so excited to see them working and teaching at Huruma!

We began our sewing classes today!! I am reviewing the basic skills of sewing and began teaching them a burp cloth, bib and Blankie set to be sold in the curio shop.
I'm teaching seven students, including a young boy named Nicholas who is deaf. This has been such a joy as he is brilliant and extremely talented with arts and crafts!!

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day 3-Sunday service and a walk around "the block"!

Beautiful Huruma Family--love doin church at Huruma!!
This morning Susan and I woke up and had a wonderful breakfast together and then attended church. If you haven't had the privilege of attending church at Huruma, I am sorry I cannot do it justice and words or pictures!! The service is a little over three hours- lots of singing, dancing and hearing God's word. It is amazing to me how much talent is at Huruma. They are amazing dancers as well as singers! I'm amazed at the young men and women that lead us in worship, many of them were in our transition groups the last two years. I am so proud of the choices they are making and how they serve this large family.
After lunch we took a large group for a long walk and treated 50 kids to Mandazis (they're similar to a cake donut). It's so nice to hold their hands walking and talk about life. They have just as many questions for me as I have for them. The scenery was absolutely beautiful! I cannot get over how clear this guys of been since I've arrived, as they have had many rains prior to my trip!

Day 2-Demo Day!!

Having a beautiful time here at Huruma!!

Yesterday we worked on cleaning out the Curio shop, it had been closed for year and then destroyed by the rains. The shop was previously run by Mama's best friend, Monica, who passed away to an illness a year ago. We all miss Monica greatly and I always think of her fondly when we see the shop. Mama is anxious to get the curio shop up and running again and decided to highlight and sell the children's handiwork here! We worked so hard at getting the water, rotten wood work and Materials out of the shop. We are even painting the outside so that it looks fresh and new!

Friday, May 13, 2016

Day 1-Huruma Children's Home!

Day 1!!!
Wow waking up Huruma it's just one of the best things ever!! 💗 I received lots of love this morning from these precious kiddos and gave out a lot as well 😉. It's always a privilege to get to worship with them in the morning!

After prayers, myself, Mama Zipporah and my dear friend Susan (who has been living here and doing incredible work for the last year!) took tea and breakfast. We talked about all the wonderful things going on here at the orphanage and school. Then we planned out our week and that always gives me a ton of excitement! Huruma has a small curio shop where they have sold Kenyan jewelry and purses to visitors. It has been closed for sometime, so while I am here we will be cleaning and renovating it for the students to put their very own projects for sale in the shop!! This will include the sewing projects I will be teaching them next week. The projects include an apron, purse and baby sets (bib, burp cloth and Blankie). They hope to keep this shop full of handmade items to raise money for their home. I'm excited to soon see some of their work on display!!
It was also exciting to see some of our Transition Students from last November on campus. Many of them are working at Huruma and living life well on their own!! Pictured is Evans, who is now running a snack shop on campus. This opportunity is incredible for him to learn business skills and also benefit the children at the home.

I left mid morning to head out to Nairobi with Mama and Susan. We purchased all of the materials that will be needed for sewing. I have now learned to buy our supplies solely in Kenya. It stimulates their economy and they have beautiful Kenyan fabrics. We have even designed a new Kenyan Leigh's Blankie!! It's beautiful and I can't wait to share pictures of it with you!
We all had a wonderful late lunch and topped off the day with a dance party--It was definitely a GREAT day!!! Keep the prayers coming!
 Much love, Andra

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day 5-Moving day, many prayers with tears and a mouse

Saturday, November 14th
Written by Paige Libsack

Where do I begin? Today was such a whirlwind, but an absolutely beautiful whirlwind. We started off the day with our normal routine which included breakfast and Jesus Calling. After that, we began the process of moving the students into their new homes! How exciting! First, we had to get all of the supplies outside by the bus and organize them before loading them up. The students chose to live in 2 different nearby cities, Matasia and Oloolua. We decided to take all of the students who were living in Matasia to their homes first. After moving things into the first house, all of us kind of established specific jobs for ourselves. For example, Andy was the designated light bulb placer, Deanne handled all of the curtains and Hannah and I worked on getting the beds made. Our team worked so well together... It's true, many hands make light work! After each room was finished, mama came in to pray for each student. She also shared a little bit of their stories. It's safe to say there were very few dry eyes in the room. Because of generous Housing Kit donors, each student received an envelope of money to cover their expenses for the first month. Many many hugs were exchanged before we left each home. After finishing at Matasia, we went back to Huruma for a quick lunch. After eating, we hopped back on the bus with the students going to Oloolua! 
It was a full day of moving the students in, but it was by far our favorite day thus far. We came back to Huruma with full hearts. Lina, one of the employees at Huruma, made rice and cabbage for dinner. We also got to celebrate Brittany's birthday! We bought a little cake at the store for her and topped it with Nutella, M&Ms and 18 candles. Chapel and the usual Saturday night dance party followed. The night ended with a lovely surprise in the kitchen. The mouse trap we set up finally went off and the poor mouse was found with Nutella still on his tongue. At least he had a good last supper! Today was simply amazing. God is so good. 

Both of these students transitioned last year and were excited to show us their homes after one year!!