Friday, February 11, 2011

Blankies headed to Malawi!

Wednesday morning we headed over to The Grove Church to deliver our first batch of blankies!  The church was packing a container of goods to be sent over to Malawi, and we are excited Leigh's Blankies was in it!
These girls were big helpers!

Ava (my youngest daughter), myself, Annika (my oldest) and our close friend Malia (Greg and Leigh's daughter)

Paul and my husband Jeremy

Paul Gunther, a pastor from The Grove Church (where Leigh's family attends), met us at the container in the church parking lot.  He is leading the missions team to Malawi this coming June.  He was very compassionate and very appreciative of the donation! We talked about their trip and the goods they were sending over.  He told us they had 7,000 pairs of shoes in this container for Malawi and that will still not be enough for the people they are trying to reach. They will be in contact with many villages while they are there.  24 blankets certainly doesn't seem like many, but we felt encouraged God has a purpose for each of those 24. Paul said he'd take pictures of the children with their blankets. I can't wait until June to see them! Please pray over this shipment and the team that is traveling! To see an amazing story from their last missions trip to Malawi, watch here.

So here's some more GREAT news! The Grove is sending a group off to Haiti at the end of March. Paul explained that this will be there first visit to this particular area of Haiti, and that they love to bring gifts for the people they meet.  He said the blankets would be a perfect gift and he could use as many as we can make! So we are taking that challenge and running with it.  But of course, we need more fabric! If you would like to purchase snuggle flannel fabric to donate, please contact me! Or you can make a donation by clicking the DONATE button in the left hand corner of the blog.  (FYI) Joann's Store has a huge sale right now until Feb.12th on Snuggle Flannel Fabric. A blanket requires about 2 yards of fabric. Feel free to email me

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