Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The first batch of Blankies!

The design for the blankets for Leigh's Blankies is pretty simple.  I chose to keep it simple for two reasons...cost and time. ;)   And I wanted to keep those things in mind in creating a label for the blankies.  Most printing companies charge quite a bit for fabric labels and I haven't quite found a company I like yet.  And since we were on a deadline to get our first batch ready, I hired myself for the job.  Designing the logo for Leigh's blankies came pretty easily. Creating the label from scratch, now that was tricky! ;) I used my scrapbooking program to design the logo. With lots of research,  I finally found a great tutorial for creating the labels with fabric iron on paper and twill tape. I'm very happy with the results! 

The label's frayed ends were sealed with heat and then sewn into the seam.

 My fantastic husband, Jeremy, is a huge support to me! He absolutely adored Leigh Ann and he's been excited from the start about this ministry. I love getting his feedback on the blankies, and I love dragging him into our craft room to help once in a while. ;) 

Bolts and bolts of fabric...what a blessing!

I had a few close friends over to help with the first batch. I couldn't have done it with you all, thank you!

Our first batch...24 blankets! Each ready to bless a little one!

Again, thank you for supporting us with donations, emails and posts to facebook! Please keep it up, your encouragment is so appreciated!!!

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