Thursday, March 24, 2011

Leigh's Blankies leaving for China...the sooner the better!!!

Why the sooner the better!!?? Because our dear friends, Jarrod and Sara, are delivering 20 blankies to New Day Foster Home in China at the same time they are meeting their adopted daughter, Samantha, for the first time!! So let's get these blankies out the door and on their way to our new little friends in China! I am covered in goose bumps just thinking about it!

Samantha at New Day!

I am blessed to be an adoptive mother.  There is emotional pain in waiting for your chosen child.  Not being able to care for your child from the moment they are conceived is difficult.  Both of our babies were placed with us right after their time of birth, so attachment and bonding started right after delivery. For most families that adopt internationally, they receive a Child Referral which includes a picture and a file of notes on the child's history.  If the Referral is accepted by the adoptive family, they meet their child for the first time from that file of notes. Don't think for a minute that an adoptive family doesn't bond with that child in the picture! They do! So waiting until time of travel is so very difficult to endure. We have prayed that our friends would be traveling sooner than later, and God decided sooner IS better than later! Thank you Lord!!!

Our hands are busy sewing 20 blankets in a very short amount of time, but I work fast when I'm excited. ;) Jarrod and Sara will update us on their journey.  I'm ecstatic at the thought of seeing pictures of those precious children with their blankies!

Stay tuned!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

2nd Batch of Blankies dropped off for Haiti!

This afternoon myself and my family headed to The Grove Church to meet up with Paul Gunther and deliver our second batch of blankies! We were greeted in the parking lot by this sweet crew, Leigh's family! Greg, Caden, Bailey and Malia are dear to our hearts. Sharing our lives and this ministry with them has been a blessing to all of us!  

I didn't expect to meet the missions team that will be traveling to Haiti. It was such a privilege to talk to them about the impact Leigh Ann had on my life and how Leigh's Blankies got started! The team was very warm and supportive, as I'm sure many of them loved Leigh Ann and attended church with her at The Grove. As I shared my heart with them, I wanted to smile and cry at the same time.  It is still difficult to talk to others about Leigh Ann being gone. Experiencing God's hand and his goodness through this ministry is such a blessing, but I'm experiencing it all apart from Leigh Ann.  Today I wanted to share with her my feelings about these Haitian children hearing the Gospel and receiving the blankies. But through sadness, I always find hope in watching how God provides fulfillment.  As we left, the team said they would try to take pictures of the children receiving the blankies! I felt so much joy and I cannot wait to share their experience in Haiti with all of you! Please continue to check back, as I'll have more information regarding the Haiti trip.
Thank you for your support!!! Your prayers, encouragement and donations are making an impact! 

Leigh's Blankies headed to Haiti this week!!!

God continues to show His goodness through Leigh's Blankies! He's provided the fabric, the tools and the hands to make them! Due to illness (hasn't this season been brutal!), I've had to plan impromptu sewing parties when our family has been well.  I've recently pulled some late nights with a couple of friends sewing blankies, and we've got 18 blankies headed out to Haiti this week!!! My hope is to be healthier this month, because we have more work ahead of us! We have blankies scheduled for China and Africa in the next couple of months!

Check back here soon for details on the Haiti trip and pictures from the drop off!

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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's Remember Together...

One year ago today, Leigh Ann found herself in the presence of the Lord.  Because of Leigh's faith in Jesus, she is living an amazing life in Eternity.  I share in that faith, and I look forward to seeing her again, as do many many others.

I desire so much to acknowledge Leigh Ann's character and the life she lived. She was beautiful, funny, humble and nurturing.  She was an amazing mother to her three children. She loved her family with all of her heart. She invested her time in friendships and genuinely cared for the wellness of others. 

As you visit this site today, would you remember Leigh with me? In the comment section of this posting, post a special memory, tribute, or note about Leigh Ann followed by your name.  I believe so many people would benefit from this, and smile about the precious life she lived. If you'd rather email me privately, my email is I'll gather these all together for Leigh's children and her family.

Love to many of you who are grieving the loss of Leigh today.