Sunday, March 20, 2011

2nd Batch of Blankies dropped off for Haiti!

This afternoon myself and my family headed to The Grove Church to meet up with Paul Gunther and deliver our second batch of blankies! We were greeted in the parking lot by this sweet crew, Leigh's family! Greg, Caden, Bailey and Malia are dear to our hearts. Sharing our lives and this ministry with them has been a blessing to all of us!  

I didn't expect to meet the missions team that will be traveling to Haiti. It was such a privilege to talk to them about the impact Leigh Ann had on my life and how Leigh's Blankies got started! The team was very warm and supportive, as I'm sure many of them loved Leigh Ann and attended church with her at The Grove. As I shared my heart with them, I wanted to smile and cry at the same time.  It is still difficult to talk to others about Leigh Ann being gone. Experiencing God's hand and his goodness through this ministry is such a blessing, but I'm experiencing it all apart from Leigh Ann.  Today I wanted to share with her my feelings about these Haitian children hearing the Gospel and receiving the blankies. But through sadness, I always find hope in watching how God provides fulfillment.  As we left, the team said they would try to take pictures of the children receiving the blankies! I felt so much joy and I cannot wait to share their experience in Haiti with all of you! Please continue to check back, as I'll have more information regarding the Haiti trip.
Thank you for your support!!! Your prayers, encouragement and donations are making an impact! 

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