Sunday, March 20, 2011

Leigh's Blankies headed to Haiti this week!!!

God continues to show His goodness through Leigh's Blankies! He's provided the fabric, the tools and the hands to make them! Due to illness (hasn't this season been brutal!), I've had to plan impromptu sewing parties when our family has been well.  I've recently pulled some late nights with a couple of friends sewing blankies, and we've got 18 blankies headed out to Haiti this week!!! My hope is to be healthier this month, because we have more work ahead of us! We have blankies scheduled for China and Africa in the next couple of months!

Check back here soon for details on the Haiti trip and pictures from the drop off!

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  1. What a blessing to sit & sew together! Made me think of quilting bees. Lord Jesus, please continue to provide for Leigh's Blankies, shower ur grace upon this ministry. Do it again Lord, please do it again!