Thursday, March 24, 2011

Leigh's Blankies leaving for China...the sooner the better!!!

Why the sooner the better!!?? Because our dear friends, Jarrod and Sara, are delivering 20 blankies to New Day Foster Home in China at the same time they are meeting their adopted daughter, Samantha, for the first time!! So let's get these blankies out the door and on their way to our new little friends in China! I am covered in goose bumps just thinking about it!

Samantha at New Day!

I am blessed to be an adoptive mother.  There is emotional pain in waiting for your chosen child.  Not being able to care for your child from the moment they are conceived is difficult.  Both of our babies were placed with us right after their time of birth, so attachment and bonding started right after delivery. For most families that adopt internationally, they receive a Child Referral which includes a picture and a file of notes on the child's history.  If the Referral is accepted by the adoptive family, they meet their child for the first time from that file of notes. Don't think for a minute that an adoptive family doesn't bond with that child in the picture! They do! So waiting until time of travel is so very difficult to endure. We have prayed that our friends would be traveling sooner than later, and God decided sooner IS better than later! Thank you Lord!!!

Our hands are busy sewing 20 blankets in a very short amount of time, but I work fast when I'm excited. ;) Jarrod and Sara will update us on their journey.  I'm ecstatic at the thought of seeing pictures of those precious children with their blankies!

Stay tuned!!

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