Sunday, March 6, 2011

Let's Remember Together...

One year ago today, Leigh Ann found herself in the presence of the Lord.  Because of Leigh's faith in Jesus, she is living an amazing life in Eternity.  I share in that faith, and I look forward to seeing her again, as do many many others.

I desire so much to acknowledge Leigh Ann's character and the life she lived. She was beautiful, funny, humble and nurturing.  She was an amazing mother to her three children. She loved her family with all of her heart. She invested her time in friendships and genuinely cared for the wellness of others. 

As you visit this site today, would you remember Leigh with me? In the comment section of this posting, post a special memory, tribute, or note about Leigh Ann followed by your name.  I believe so many people would benefit from this, and smile about the precious life she lived. If you'd rather email me privately, my email is I'll gather these all together for Leigh's children and her family.

Love to many of you who are grieving the loss of Leigh today.


  1. Leigh Ann's love for Jesus was so evident in every aspect of her life. She loved her children so deeply, her kindness and patience and grace for them was so contagious and inspiring. She had so much joy in her life that when you were around her that joy couldn't help but spill over into your own life. I loved her competitive spirit. We played Settlers of Catan one week before she was taken home and she won! It was such a fun, memorable night. She made an imprint on anyone who knew her. I know my heart is closer to Jesus because of her testimony. I will forever be changed by knowing her. I love and miss you Leigh.

  2. A couple of weeks before she died, I was visiting someone at PCH. The thought passed through my mind that I should stop by and say hi to Leigh Ann. I decided I was in a hurry and would just see her around sometime. After she died, it really hit me that there is no promise of "seeing them around sometime." I have really tried to take advantage of the times someone pops into my mind to give them a call or run by just to say hi. I have been praying for you guys all weekend. Christy

  3. I was blessed to be a part of Leigh Ann's life during High School. She made such an impression on me through our activities of cheerleading, singing in the choir, and acting in the school musicals that I have always considered her a dear friend. I was always comfortable being myself around her and knew that we shared the same love of God. She lit up a room when she walked in it and always knew how to make me laugh. What an honor it is to have been her friend. Her legacy will live on through her posterity. Ginger