Friday, April 29, 2011

Blankies in Haiti!!! Thank you Lord for this blessing!

I'm continually amazed to see God's hand with Leigh's Blankies. My hope is that in every step of the process in making these blankies, God is glorified!!  Whether we are at the store counter ordering fabric or delivering these blankies over seas, may God be glorified for his goodness and faithfulness in all of it! 

Pictured above is Paul (The Grove Church) and John (Good Neighbor Orphanage Director in Port au Prince) and 20 of  Leigh's Blankies!! :) Yes, that makes me smile! The blankies were distributed starting with the youngest child, working up to the older children. There are 30 children that live at Good Neighbor Orphanage (GNO) and they are hoping to grow their facilities and house more! I wanted to include the information below from GNO's website. I'm sure it will lead you to pray and possibly support these children!

The Orphanage 

Waiting for breakfast
So to give you a quick peak into the orphange as it is now. The current dorm building was put up after the earthquake.  It is two rooms-girls and boys.  There are 3 bunks per room (double on bottom, twin on top) which sleep 5 allowing for 15 girls and 15 boys.  The orphange is not set up to take in infants because of the extra care, money and staff they require.  Our youngest child is two years old.
 Sophie, Esther, and Vivi live in the dorm rooms with the children and oversee their care.  In addition there is extra support staff that works during the day to take care of the cooking, washing, bathing, hair, etc. 
Wash day

Visit the website for Good Neighbor Orphanage here.
Good Neighbor Orphanage is serving orphans in Haiti, and seeks to educate, care for and when possible find homes for orphans in Haiti.

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