Monday, August 1, 2011

Blankies in Kenya!!

Delivering the boy's blankies to Mama Zipporah and her daughter, Caroline, at Cornerstone Chandler. They are so grateful for the blankies!

Huruma Children's Home, in Kenya, has always had a special place in my heart. Mama Zipporah, the home's founder and director, is well known around my home church as the amazing mother to over hundred children in Africa. She began Huruma with just one child and now is bursting at the seams! When I first heard Mama speak at Cornerstone, she was here visiting and reporting on how things were going back in Kenya. Our church supports Huruma  and we were excited to here how God is working in the lives of the children. Something she said hit me like a ton of bricks. Because of the limited space at the home, the bed space was very limited. In a three tiered bunkbed slept 6 children. Three small children on the bottom, two children in the middle and an older child on the top. Can you picture it? This image was burned in my mind. As a church, God called us to pray and make a difference in their living and sleeping space. And praise the Lord, this Fal,l a brand new boy's dormitory will open with a bed for each boy at Huruma!!!

So knowing that brand new beds would be given to the boys, guess what came to my mind?? BLANKIES! I had the privilege of speaking with Mama Zipporah on her most recent visit to Chandler and it blessed me so much! Her compassion and interest in Leigh Ann's life warmed my heart. I explained the mission of Leigh's Blankies and she responded, "You want others to remember Leigh Ann! And now children will have blankies!" Yes, Mama, you got it. :)

As I spoke with her about the blankies she explained how each bed could use a blanket. I said , "How many do you need?" And she said, "A ton!!!" So this month, 75 blankies made it over to Kenya in the suitcases of the Cornerstone's missions team and every boy's bed with have a blanket!! They were double the size of our regular blankies, as they needed to cover the mattresses. And they were made with tons of color to brighten up their rooms!

This all happened because of God's goodness! Our May fundraiser yard sale raised almost $750, and guess how much the large sized Kenya blankies cost? The materials came to around $775!!! Truly amazing!

We had a ton of women participate in sewing these blankies and many people donated items and time to the yard sale. I want to thank everyone for their time, love and encouragement! I look forward to continually sewing and working with you all again!

Next year, Mama Zipporah prays to have a girl's dormitory with beds for each daughter. And the of course, she said they will need blankies for those beds!! I'm excited to begin that project! And I hope some day to go to Huruma and love on each of those precious children!!

For more information on Huruma and how you can help support them and their ministry click here.

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  1. So awesome Andra! Love the picture and inspiring words you wrote about the blessed children in Kenya. It is wonderful to know that putting your heart into all you do is blessing SO many children and providing them a warm blankie every night. God Bless you and all you do - you are amazing! God Speed to Leigh's Blankies and all the wonderful children they will "cover"! Loves!