Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Incredible Pictures & Story from the Poland Blankie Delivery!!! Guest Author: Susie Marr

Susie Marr in Poland with Joni and Friends - Wheels for the World
Read about prior to her trip here!
Somebody loves their lobster blankie! I love this smile...

These children's lives will be forever impacted because of their new chairs!

Well, it has been a month since I returned from Poland. I wanted to let you all know that we were able to give all of the blankies away while in Poland. I am including a few pictures of the children I was able to personally give the blankets to after I was able to fit them with a new wheelchair. There were 3 wheelchair specialists on our trip and I have not gotten every one's pictures yet. When I do, I will forward on those also. We had about 10 extra blankets that we were able to give to a children's hospital in Poland. Thank you so much for this wonderful blessing. As we saw each person at our distribution sites, we were able to give them physical freedom in the way of a new wheelchair, spiritual freedom in the way of presenting the gospel after we fitted each of our new friends with a chair, and a BIG warm HUG in the form of Leigh's Blankies!! Our new Polish friends are so appreciative......thank you again for being a part of this ministry with your gifts to make the blankets, send the blankets.....and pray for us who take Leigh's Blankies all over the world!! God is so good. Isn't it wonderful being a part of the family of God!!!
Susie Marr

Thank you Susie for being the hands and feet of Christ and traveling to Poland!!!
What an awesome ministry!!! Such a privilege for us to partner with you!

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