Saturday, October 29, 2011

Blankies on sale at the BELIEVE: Holiday Boutique Nov. 4th and 5th!!!

Hey friends!
I wanted to let you know of a wonderful event that is happening next weekend at Cornerstone Church! Believe Holiday Boutique is an annual event at Cornerstone that raises money for the Women's Networking ministry. I've been serving on the Believe team for the last 3 years, and it is such a privilege. Leigh's Blankies has been given an incredible fundraising opportunity at the Boutique this year! We will be selling the blankies for $20 each, and for every blankie sold TWO will be donated to children in need. EXCITING!!!
Looking back over these last several months, God has truly blessed this ministry. Over 500 blankies have been hand made and distributed to Kenya, Haiti, Malawi, Poland, Tunisia, China, Guatemala, Joplin MO, and to adoptive families and their birth mothers in the Phoenix area. We'd like to continue to grow this ministry and watch God lead us where He wants us to go. We are open to His will and His desires for this ministry. I never would have dreamed that we'd have over 40 people on our team for Leigh's Blankies, From our home sewers to our gals that iron at sew nights, each one that is involved has a very special place in my heart. Their willingness to serve, the light that each one exudes and the diligence into getting these blankies made is admirable. They all desire to bring joy to children but most of all honor the Lord. I want to thank each of you for getting us prepared for this Boutique!!! With the sale of these blankies, we have the potential to raise enough money to fund our fabric for next year! And not only that, here's some BIG news!! A fraternal insurance company is going to match our raised funds up to $1500 for this event!!! SERIOUSLY!!! ;)

SOOOO....please come check out the boutique. It is so much fun and you'll get your Christmas shopping done! And come on by and shop for some blankies. They are so soft, cute and some little cutie is going to love one. We even have a Christmas line :).

Love to you all, and thanks for YOUR love!

(Any donation made at this event to Leigh's Blankies, beyond the sale of the blankie, is tax deductible).

Click on the Believe image for more information!

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