Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blankies headed to Mexico...

Leigh's Blankies are used to comfort and warm children. They're used as mats for little ones to sleep on. Now some children in Mexico will use them as a sack to carry their belongings. I received a forwarded email from a sweet friend,now 43 blankies are headed to Mexico!!! Here's why...

"There is another village in Mexico that hasn't been adopted. I think there are 17 boys and 22 girls, but I can confirm. This is a village that can't have a lot of "things" because they are much more mobile than the other one,and have to "pick up and go" at the command of the Padron (boss of the ...field work). She thinks that more practical than having a toy,would actually be a blanket for the children,because they can wrap their only possessions in it when they have to move with mom and dad to field work,but will still have something soft and special. Any chance Andra and her team would have enough blankets to fill that order? Cindy's pastor down there would present them as part of a Christmas program,sharing about Jesus. He calls each child up individually and presents them with their only Christmas gift in the name of Jesus and gives them a big hug."

God, Thank you for Leigh's Blankies!! And thank you for the hands that sew with us!! God, please be with these children!

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