Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Calvary Chapel Christian School Students unite to sew blankies!

Mrs. Bradford's class from Calvary Chapel Christian School set aside a day to serve by learning how to work together at different stations to create completed blankies !
 We are so thankful for their willingness to serve! And a HUGE thank you to my mentor, Maria Jones, for leading this group in this project!

I love these quotes from the students and their teacher!!!

“I really enjoyed working on the blankies because the kids will be so happy to get the blankets.  I liked making them.  Me and my mom made 7 blankets.  I really enjoyed it.”


“I thought it was so much fun.  I got to do lots of things.  Now I know how to make blankies.  It is so much fun helping people that don’t have homes and giving them the blankets.”


“Leigh’s Blankies was great.  It was an experience that I wouldn’t forget.  Also it felt good that while you are having fun you are helping someone in need.  So I think Leigh’s Blankies is a fantastic way to help out.”


“Leigh’s Blankies was really fun.  I enjoyed making the blankets, knowing they will go to someone in need.  Mrs. Jones was very helpful and was a blessing to us.  Hopefully we will do it again and make more blankets.”


“I enjoyed making blankets for Leigh’s Blankies foundation.  I want to thank Mrs. Jones for coming in and helping us make them.  I appreciate and want to thank Andra for starting the foundation.  I think it is awesome what she is doing.  I would love to make more blankies again.”


“Leigh’s Blankies was very fun.  I enjoyed it.  I got to work at every station.  It was awesome to sew again.  I have previously learned to fold, cut, and iron so it was easy for me to work.  I hope we can maybe do it again.”


“It was nice to make blankets for those in need.  It’s good to know that this is for a good cause.  I wouldn’t mind doing it again.  I hope that more people would make more blankets for the kids.”


“I love to sew Leigh’s Blankies, but I loved doing it with my classmates.  I enjoyed doing the blankies.  I am so glad you came up with this, Mrs. Good.  I am so happy I get to be a part of this program.”


“Helping Leigh’s Blankies was a nice experience.  I enjoyed helping the community by helping to make blankets.  I also liked hearing where they were going to go.”


“It was the best time ever!  No joke, I loved it.  I liked sewing and knowing it would go to a good cause.  I would love to do it again.”


“I loved having the opportunity for my students to serve God through this ministry.  I am so thankful for Leigh’s Blankies and I hope we can continue to support the work that is done through the ministry.”

~Mrs. Bradford

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