Sunday, May 20, 2012

Blankies delivered at Community Cupboard in West Virginia!

Wow! Do I have a ton to share since my last post!! God is providing and moving blankies all over the world! I quickly wanted to share about our latest distribution! (and I want to ask for prayer for a missions team currently in Liberia, serving orphans and delivering 50 Leigh's Blankies! My sweet niece is on this team! Pictures and a post to come...)

I was contacted by JD in West Virginia just a couple of months ago...

I would like to thank you for your passion in a ministry that is obviously making a positive difference around the world. It truly is a blessing to see God's love shared through your efforts in memory of Leigh Ann. I first learned of Leigh's Blankies through Judy Hudson, who sent one to my wife (Dory), along with a copy of the local newspaper article covering a story on this ministry. Dory is Greg's (Tonkinson) first cousin and Judy wanted to share the wonderful story of your work with all of the family. 
In the upcoming months, my small group bible study class will be serving at a homeless ministry that includes several small children. As a result, I was curious to know if it would be possible to place an order for 25 Blankies. I'm certain these Blankies will be well received and a wonderful way to show God's love to children in need.

What a special opportunity for us it was  to share a blankie distribution with some of Leigh and Greg's extended family! Through their support, we were able to send 25 blankies to West Virginia! JD wrote last week about the distribution...

...I was volunteering at our neighborhood Community Cupboard on Friday and decided to share the blankies with all of children who came. Wow! What a hit these blankies were, not only for the kids receiving them, but also with my fellow volunteers who were helping out. To say these blankets were worth their weight in gold is a huge understatement. Positive feedback was given on both the message behind the blankies and the quality of them. Kudos again to you for your involvement with this ministry. 

AWESOME! Thank you JD for serving and sharing your experience with how God is using you, your volunteer group and the Blankies!!!