Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Leaving tomorrow for Kenya!!

I think I can speak for our entire Sew Team that we all are BEYOND excited for this upcoming adventure to Kenya, the projects that await us at Huruma Children's Home and to meet the sweet children that live there!!

God has shown His faithfulness throughout our preparations for our Sewing Team Project at Huruma. He has provided the hands to sew 90 bedspread-size Leigh's Blankies and 60 curtain panels all for the new Huruma Girl's Dormitory. He has provided money, through many of you, to fund the expenses of our travels and supplies. He has given us time and skills to organize an over seas sewing program that seemed beyond many of us. Our team is so grateful. We give glory to God for his faithfulness and we thank you for giving and working so hard to support our efforts!!

In the last 24 hours our team has exchanged many messages, texts, facebook posts and phone calls on Malaria pills, weights of suitcases, itineraries and CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S ALMOST HERE!? Many of us leave behind families that we care for, jobs that can be demanding and people who will miss us greatly.  It is overwhelming to think that most of us, if not all of us, will come back a completely changed person.  Whether it's a greater love for orphans, a stronger desire to make an impact on the world, or a better understanding of God's purpose in our lives, I know we will be changed.  It's kind of like that feeling before you graduate from school, get married, or have children.  You know a big change is coming, but what will it look like? We look forward to sharing this journey as we experience the children of Huruma Children's Home and serve the community there .We hope you can follow our progress and that the Kenya wi-fi allows us to access our blog! :)


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