Wednesday, August 21, 2013

AMAZING pictures and video of our Huruma Family!! Recap of our Kenya trip...

Hi friends!

Putting together this final recap of our journey to Huruma Children's Home has given me so much joy. Our Sewing Team accomplished so much during our time in Kenya and our hearts are full of love for our Huruma Family. Below is a video of our amazing experience!

Thank you for your support and encouragement for our sewing program at Huruma. Teaching the students, teachers and aunties the skill of sewing was extremely exciting for all of us! In our opinion, the students are brilliant! They caught on so quickly, never made a complaint and had amazing determination. They were able to learn and complete three projects:
  1. The Huruma Family "Leigh's Blankie"
  2. The Huruma Family Drawstring Project
  3. Headbands with "yo-yo" flowers
Because of your prayers and God's goodness, we were able to accomplish a couple of more unexpected tasks! Our team had prayed that God would provide someone to run the sewing program at Huruma after we headed back to the states.  One of the Huruma teachers, Jacinta, asked Mama Zipporah (the mother/director at the orphanage) if she could fill that position.  We were elated to hear her desire AND that she has a background in Home Economics! It brought all of us much joy to be able to teach Jacinta how to run an electric sewing machine and how to sew many new projects, including a pencil skirt. The second blessing that we did not expect, was conquering the mending of the children's clothes.  Their clothes and uniforms were in dire need of repairs and we were anxious to accomplish this for them! Although the mending was a huge success, their need is still great. If you would like to assist in purchasing new uniforms for the children, please consider attending two upcoming local events, REMIX and The Believe Boutique, at Cornerstone Chandler. At these events, we will be selling Huruma Family Drawstring Backpacks and Huruma Family Leigh's Blankies that the girls made themselves!  All proceeds will go to the purchase of new school uniforms for Huruma!!

With your financial support we were able to set up a fully functioning sewing program!!
We bought them:
  • FIFTEEN brand new Brother sewing machines!!! WOOHOO!! :)
  • 20 fully stocked sewing kits
  • Cutting Mats
  • Irons and Ironing Mats
  • Thread, bobbins and other notions
  • Tons of fabric for making Leigh's Blankies and other projects
  • Supplies to MEND their uniforms and play clothes

So we've put together a little recap for you
...grab a cup of coffee and enjoy video and pictures of our sewing mission at Huruma!!