Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Day 5-Teaching in full swing!!

We are still having an incredible time here at Huruma!! Our schedule is full as we have chapel in the morning and evening, class at 10 AM and three classes in the afternoon. They are feeding us well and we are receiving lots of love!! 

Yesterday we began teaching the dormitory house mothers. There are five mothers in our sewing program and they're very eager to learn the skill of sewing. These lessons will provide them the skill to mend the many clothes in need of repair here at Huruma. We love spending time with these mothers!! They care for 200 some children here. Can you imagine the loving care they pour out each day!? Sometimes I feel that raising my children is a difficult task, when I see what these mothers accomplish day in and day out, I am truly inspired. Their patience, their joy and their willingness to serve is a gift from God. Take a moment to pray for these mothers... they're truly a blessing to many. 

We provided each house mother with their own mending kit, a folder of sewing projects and lessons in sewing. Thank you for your donations!!

In the afternoon we began teaching the high school students. We are excited to be teaching boys along with the girls this year!! Many of the students are faced with her own challenges, Some greater than others. They all have the joy of the Lord in common and eagerness to learn!!
We began teaching the students with a worksheet, where they were able to practice straight stitching using straight lines on paper. This was an excellent tool for them to practice with!! 

After they completed their worksheets, they began learning to sew a small basic Leigh's Blankie. I shared with each class about our Leigh's Blankies ministry and how the Lord continues to work in the lives of those that work with the Blankies and the children on the receiving end. I explained how we began this Blankie ministry not knowing that the Lord had great plans for it Internationally. And that we have seen his hand guide us here to Kenya. They loved hearing about how we take their completed Leigh's Blankies back home to the US to sell them and then return all of the profits to benefit their home. They're all very anxious to begin sewing the Blankies! 

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers!!  We are so thankful for the support of all of you and our families. We have another full day ahead of us, and look forward to sharing more pictures and stories with you!! 

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