Thursday, July 24, 2014

Day 6-Teaching 40 sewing students!

Wow we are having unbelievable time teaching and experiencing love at Huruma!! 
So far, we have taught the mothers that care for the children at Huruma how to sew Blankies, pillowcases and how to mend uniforms. We enjoy this class so much!

After we teach the mothers we head to lunch and then back to teaching high school students by 2. We were so surprised to be teaching 40 students this year as we only taught 15 students last year!! Even though our time together can get a little nutty, it's so much fun!! The kids are excited to be experiencing something new and creating something on their own.  We have really enjoyed the boys in our class, they are pretty proud of themselves! Many of them would like to be clothing designers or tailors. So far, we have taught all of my students the fundamentals of sewing, a Leigh's Blankie and a pillowcase. Some of the more advanced students are learning the messenger bag. 

After chapel and dinner in the evenings, we go back to the sew room to catch up on mending school uniforms. We usually have lots of laughs at this time as we are exhausted and amused by things easily!!

After our mending sew time, even though we are exhausted, we enjoy heading to the kid's dorms to read and play games with them. I'm currently reading Charlotte's Web to the little boys. We pack into a bunkbed and the snuggles begin. :) I even got to help my Samuel with his math! 

We have found that not only are we developing relationships with our team mates but our relationships are growing deeper with the children here. Trading written letters between volunteers and the children is a very common thing to do here. We are definitely developing some pen pals! 


(The Gardens)

It's hard to believe we will wake up tomorrow and it will already be Friday.  We will finish up on some sewing projects tomorrow, and look forward to some free time on Saturday! I look forward to sharing more with you again soon!!

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