Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hellos, Goodbyes, Kenya and so much more!

It's not even February and we have had SO MUCH going on!

This morning at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship's The Word Bible Study worked with us to pack our "Take Home Blankie Kits" for kids in need. Not only did they pack kits for 100 Leigh's Blankies but they left with ALL the kits to sew themselves from home!! And I left with a sign up sheet of 27 women wanting to be a part of our Leigh's Blankie Team. HELLO to each of you just joining our team of volunteers, we are so happy you are here to help!! I'll be scheduling a sew class/group soon, so keep your eyes open for a Facebook post on our Leigh's Blankies Page or an email!


The beginning of January we had our 2015 kick off for Leigh's Blankies. We had 20 ladies, 10 of which came for the very first time and 7 of them had never sewn before!! We accomplished a ton in making the blankies but also teaching our newbies the fun skill of sewing. The matching blankie sets we sewed that night are being sent to Christian Family Care Agency. A set is given to a birth mother who is placing her child for adoption, she keeps the small lovie size blankie for herself and gives the regular size blankie to her baby. It's an awesome program at the agency as many birth mothers leave the hospital with nothing to hold or without a memorable keepsake from their delivery.

Last week we had some exciting things goin on with Team Queen Creek! Our amazing Queen Creek leader, Maria, is moving out of state. But instead of leaving us, she is taking us with her!! Well, sort of, she's starting a Leigh's Blankies Sew Group near her new home!! AWESOME!  Maria blesses everyone she meets with joy on her face and servant hood on the forefront of her mind.  She will be missed greatly but we all know God will do great things in her life in Florida.  With Maria moving, God has brought us another sweet leader for Team Queen Creek, Penny! She hosted her very first sew group in her home last week and it was wonderful. We sewed blankies for the Apache Indian Reservation, honored Maria and had a yummy lunch together after wards.  NEXT SEW GROUP FOR TEAM QUEEN CREEK IS: February 18th at 9am, feel free to email me for more details! We'd love to have you there!

I've got some other "tough" news...I am very likely having hip replacement surgery on my right hip. For those of you who don't know me, I have had 3 hip surgeries on my left hip and 2 of those were in the last year.  Because of the surgery, our Sew Team's missions trip to Huruma in Kenya has been canceled. My heart HURTS over this decision but I know it is what the Lord wants for now.  I trust in Him.  He is SOVEREIGN and always has the BEST plan. :) I know He sees me and He sees my future.  He knows that part of my heart is in Kenya with the children and Mama Zipporah, so God willing we will be back there some day soon!!  If you were thinking  and praying over this opportunity to travel with our Sew Team to Kenya, please consider next summer! 

Thanks for catching up! Hope you've had a wonderful January and a great start to the new year!!!