Saturday, November 14, 2015

Day 5-Moving day, many prayers with tears and a mouse

Saturday, November 14th
Written by Paige Libsack

Where do I begin? Today was such a whirlwind, but an absolutely beautiful whirlwind. We started off the day with our normal routine which included breakfast and Jesus Calling. After that, we began the process of moving the students into their new homes! How exciting! First, we had to get all of the supplies outside by the bus and organize them before loading them up. The students chose to live in 2 different nearby cities, Matasia and Oloolua. We decided to take all of the students who were living in Matasia to their homes first. After moving things into the first house, all of us kind of established specific jobs for ourselves. For example, Andy was the designated light bulb placer, Deanne handled all of the curtains and Hannah and I worked on getting the beds made. Our team worked so well together... It's true, many hands make light work! After each room was finished, mama came in to pray for each student. She also shared a little bit of their stories. It's safe to say there were very few dry eyes in the room. Because of generous Housing Kit donors, each student received an envelope of money to cover their expenses for the first month. Many many hugs were exchanged before we left each home. After finishing at Matasia, we went back to Huruma for a quick lunch. After eating, we hopped back on the bus with the students going to Oloolua! 
It was a full day of moving the students in, but it was by far our favorite day thus far. We came back to Huruma with full hearts. Lina, one of the employees at Huruma, made rice and cabbage for dinner. We also got to celebrate Brittany's birthday! We bought a little cake at the store for her and topped it with Nutella, M&Ms and 18 candles. Chapel and the usual Saturday night dance party followed. The night ended with a lovely surprise in the kitchen. The mouse trap we set up finally went off and the poor mouse was found with Nutella still on his tongue. At least he had a good last supper! Today was simply amazing. God is so good. 

Both of these students transitioned last year and were excited to show us their homes after one year!! 

Friday, November 13, 2015

Day 4-Prayers, Oatmeal, Good Talks and the Huruma Nursery!

Friday, November 13th

We woke up to sunshine and praise songs this morning. The sounds of children singing echoed through the guest house. Mama lead chapel this morning. Every few minutes of speaking, she would suddenly start singing a song and all of the children would join in. She also sent off the transition students and encouraged them to take what they have learned at Huruma and keep living a God honoring life. After chapel, mama Dolores made delicious oatmeal for breakfast while Brittany and Mariah read the Jesus Calling devotional for the day. We all walked down to the dining area and the students watched a video about abstinence, STD's and the repercussions of pre-martial sex. Meanwhile, some of us went into town with mama to get more bathing buckets from the Ngong Market and pick up a few last minute items for the student's start up kits. When we got back from the market and the video was complete and boys and girls split up for some Q&A time. We were able to share personal stories and give answers to their questions. It was another time of bonding with our wonderful transition students. We spent the next hour or so portioning out the bulk food we bought for each student and filling their start up kit crates. After organizing everything, we boiled and shelled 82 eggs for breakfast tomorrow morning. It was yet another productive day. We, along with the transition students, are so excited about move in day tomorrow! We are praying it goes smoothly and that the rain holds off until we finish! 

The Huruma Baby Nursery is coming along!!!! Thank you Bethany Christian School and to our Quilt Raffle Ticket Holders---5 Kenyan babies will soon have a soft bed and sweet place to be raised!!!!

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