Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Day 1-Shopping, Kit Packing & Christmas Music!!!

It was a beautiful day at Huruma. We enjoyed our first chapel with the kids and were shocked to hear that they are already listening to Christmas music. In fact, they started listening to it on October 1st... Just soak that in. They listen to almost 4 months of Christmas music... And people in America complain about listening to it before Thanksgiving! After music, we heard a wonderful passage from the new pastor, James. We got back to the guest house and started unpacking the supply bags... All 23 of them. The team organized things and started to fill each crate with items for our transition students. Each crate had the basic necessities of starting a new home like a pillow, bed linens and kitchen ware. People from back home sponsored each child with their "start up" kit...what a blessing! A good portion of the morning was spent planning for the next few days and meeting with mama about our upcoming events with the transition students. Mama was so excited that the bed frames were purchased and had already been put in the transition students' homes. 

Our team split up for the afternoon to get some different errands done. Some of the group went to buy rice, flour, sugar, salt, beans and cooking fat for the students food kits. They also ordered cribs, a changing table and a rocking chair for the new nursery! The people making the rocking chairs weren't quite sure what a rocking chair was, so Andra sketched up a drawing of one to help the man out.
The other half of the group went to pick up all of the beds for the student's houses. Picture this... A bus half-filled with people AND 12 twin sized beds adjusted like Tetris blocks in the back of the bus. 9 of the mattresses were stacked on top of the bus held down by some small twine. After loading up the mattresses, we waited for a herd of cattle to finish crossing the road before we could back out of the shop. Only in Kenya... 
We dropped off the mattresses to our anxiously awaiting students and headed back to Huruma for lunch. 
Some of us jet-lagged wimps took a nap, and the others went out and played with the kids. We were served a delicious spaghetti dinner before heading off to prayers. We jammed out to Christmas music once again, and hugged on the sweet kids before heading off to bed. It POURED rain all night long...a perfect ending to our gorgeous day! Today went by quick, but it was so exciting getting a clear vision of what we will accomplish during this trip.
Written by our awesome team blogger, Paige Libsack

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