Thursday, November 12, 2015

Day 3-Burritos, Questions & Spiritual Gifts!!

Thursday, November 12th

It was another great day at Huruma! Dolores and Christa worked hard at making breakfast burritos for the transition students. Although we couldn't find tortillas at the market, the cooks at Huruma made chapati, which closely resemble tortillas. They were delicious! Brittany and Mariah lead the students in another day of Jesus Calling. While the first day the students just listened , today they really opened up to discussion. They had many questions about what they should do in certain situations and why God said what He said in the Bible. Our team pulled together to give their best insight to the students. It was a beautiful time of mentorship. Jenni then lead the group in a study about spiritual gifts. The students loved learning about their own spiritual gifts and how they could use those to honor the Lord. She also touched on personality traits and how to interact with people who have different personalities than your own. After finishing the session with Jenni, the students showed us how to play one of their favorite games called "Big Booty". It was hilarious! We spent the last part of the afternoon playing basketball, Uno & marbles. We ate dinner a little bit later than usual and ended up getting to bed early. Turns out all of us were pretty exhausted. As usual, we had a wonderful day today. The personalities, strengths and passions of our transition students are being revealed to us more and more each day.

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