Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day 3-Sunday service and a walk around "the block"!

Beautiful Huruma Family--love doin church at Huruma!!
This morning Susan and I woke up and had a wonderful breakfast together and then attended church. If you haven't had the privilege of attending church at Huruma, I am sorry I cannot do it justice and words or pictures!! The service is a little over three hours- lots of singing, dancing and hearing God's word. It is amazing to me how much talent is at Huruma. They are amazing dancers as well as singers! I'm amazed at the young men and women that lead us in worship, many of them were in our transition groups the last two years. I am so proud of the choices they are making and how they serve this large family.
After lunch we took a large group for a long walk and treated 50 kids to Mandazis (they're similar to a cake donut). It's so nice to hold their hands walking and talk about life. They have just as many questions for me as I have for them. The scenery was absolutely beautiful! I cannot get over how clear this guys of been since I've arrived, as they have had many rains prior to my trip!

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