Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 5: Sewing, running errands in town and Bedtime Giggles

Today myself and Linah (the sewing teacher) began the large project of sewing 12 pairs of curtains for the Huruma Guest House and the aunties' rooms. I'm anxious to share pictures of the finished product as they're made from beautiful Kenyan fabrics! They'll bring a lot of color to the rooms.
I took a quick trip into town with Huruma's Pastor James and Susie (she's been here making a huge impact for a year!). We made a gazillion stops along the way picking up hardware, furniture (table & rocking chair), souvenirs, produce and lunch! We treated Pastor to pizza and dessert. He had apple pie a la mode for the first time and loved it!! 😉 He decided he'd be our driver any day. 😉
Once we returned home it was time for me to teach my class. Today we finished up the burp cloth and started on the bib. Both of these projects are helping them to refine their sewing skills--they're doing a fantastic job!
Tonight we finished the evening with prayers and then I got to tuck 4 sweet things into their bed with a story. Can you get over their cuteness?!?! Precious, Selma, Hope and Jane share this bed and they could not be happier 💗 It was a good day to say the least!!!

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