Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Good things happening!!! Including Kenya in 10 days...

A note from Andra...

Dear Friends and Family,
First, I just want to thank you all for your love and support for this ministry!! I can’t believe we have been running for five years now and our SIXTH team is on its way to Kenya!! WOW!!  I’m thankful to God for His loving hand and guidance through this journey.  I continue to see His immense blessings and draw wisdom from His word. I also continue to draw encouragement from the love and truth Leigh Ann spoke into my life through our many years of friendship.

Thank you SO much for your ongoing financial support!!
Because of your generosity and God’s faithfulness:

  1. We have been able to sustain our sewing program at the Phoenix Dream Center every other week and are seeing women grow confident in the skill of sewing.   As we sew, we continue to show them God’s love and speak of our own personal testimonies of God's faithfulness.

  1. We are praying about starting a sewing program in Mexico with Open Arms Childcare Ministries . Open Arms is a non-profit charity that provides No-cost childcare to needy families. It is located in La Mision, Baja California, Mexico. Open Arms provides assistance to families who are in desperate need of child care service. We will definitely be sending them Leigh's Blankies on a regular basis!
  2. At Cornerstone Christian Fellowship’s last major women’s event "REMIX-ON A MISSION" (1000 ladies were in attendance!) we hosted a break out session to communicate the needs of Leigh’s Blankies and how God is using this ministry to bring comfort and a skill set to others.  We acquired 18 new sewers at this event and we couldn’t be happier

  3. We’ve implemented a check out system for our Take Home Blankie Kits so that we can better manage the distribution of fabric and Blankies.
  4. Lastly, our upcoming project at Huruma Children's Home in Kenya is coming up on November 6th through the 16th!  A few weeks ago, we found out that our sweet transition students will be taking their national exams while we are there which means we will be unable to spend as much time with them as we were originally hoping to. While we are sad that we won't get to do everything exactly the way we planned, we have had the opportunity to watch God work through the changes. He has continued to bless our team with purpose and the privilege to serve and love Huruma in several other ways, and we can't wait to see what else He is going to do!
The Kenya plan:
We will be serving breakfast to last year’s transition students and having devotions with them for a few mornings. It will be wonderful to follow up with them from last year and offer support and encouragement.  We are also doing sewing, arts and crafts with the children at the home.  They can sell these items they create in the Curio Shop at the Orphanage! We will also be doing quite a bit of shopping for the items we will be providing in the Transition Student's Housing Kits and Food Kits. Piecing together household goods and food for a month for 16 students is no minor task!!  We also are planning a Saturday Seminar for the upcoming transition students.  The Seminar will contain a breakfast with devotions and then lessons on relationships, budgeting, nutrition and cooking.

We have a team of 6 going to Kenya. I am SO excited to tell you that our funding for our travel costs, Transition Housing and Food Kits are FULLY FUNDED!!! PRAISE GOD!!! As we prepare to leave we would LOVE your prayers for safety, good health and the following things:

  • For the students at Huruma as they near the end of their school term and study for their exams. 
  • For the transition students as they prepare to leave Huruma to start their lives as independent adults. 
  • For our team as we continue to prepare for our trip, and continue to seek to be flexible and willing to pursue whatever God has for us. 
With much love,
Andra Good
Leigh's Blankies-Director

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