Thursday, October 6, 2016

Leaving for Kenya One Month from Today!!

In just one month from today we will be at the airport boarding our flight to Kenya. Crazy. It seems like just last week I was checking the count I have on my phone and it said 101 days!
As we prepare for this trip, our team is very aware of God's faithfulness, but as we get closer He continues to prove Himself to be such a good, good Father. If you have ever been on a trip like this, you know that one of the first lessons you learn is to be flexible. Anything can change, and plans are more of a rough and loose outline of how things are probably going to go. It is definitely a challenge to let go of control and trust that the Lord's plan is so much better than ours!
A few weeks ago, we found out that our sweet transition students will be taking their national exams while we are there which means we will be unable to spend as much time with them as we were originally hoping to. While we are sad that we won't get to do everything exactly the way we planned, we have had the opportunity to watch God work through the changes. He has continued to bless our team with purpose and the privilege to serve and love Huruma in several other ways, and we can't wait to see what else He is going to do!
I am so thankful to be traveling with a team focused on God's heart, and willing to be flexible in the pursuit of what He has for us. This is all about His glory, and we are so grateful that He has called us to be apart of the work He is doing in Kenya. 
I'm excited to keep writing as we get closer to heading to Huruma, and then to be able to share updates from Kenya with you all! Our team is so thankful for all of your support and prayers!
For now, we would be so blessed if you would be willing to pray over these requests:
-For the students at Huruma as they near the end of their school term and study for their exams. 
-For the transition students as they prepare to leave Huruma to start their lives as independent adults. 
-For our team as we continue to prepare for our trip, and continue to seek to be flexible and willing to pursue whatever God has for us. 

-Kyla Howey
(2016 Housing Care Project Blogger!)

Our 2016 Transition Students!!

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